SBXi backs MIT founders.

  • We offer equity funding for MIT founders who are working on a term sheet with a lead investor.
  • SBXi will match the terms of the lead investor with checks of $100K – $1M.
not raising a priced round?

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Teams seeking funding from SBXi can fill out the brief application form below. We will follow up with eligible teams by email within a couple days.

Priced rounds are equity investments based on a negotiated valuation of a company. After agreeing on your company’s valuation, an investor gives you money in exchange for preferred stock in your company at a price per share determined by the valuation.

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Funding from SBXi is available to startups with an MIT graduate on their founding team. We are a fit for teams who have engaged with a lead investor. We will match their terms with checks of $100k-$1M.

A term sheet typically includes conditions for financing a startup company. It is customary to begin the negotiation of a venture capital investment with the circulation of a term sheet.

If you’re not quite at this point yet, visit our sister fund,, for SAFEs with superfast turn-around times.

We typically write checks of $100K – $1M, matching the terms of your lead investor. 

After we meet you, we conduct diligence and coordinate a time for you to pitch the SBXi sponsors. After the pitch, we will return a timely investment decision. On average, this process takes a couple weeks.

Eligible teams have an MIT graduate — from any school or program — on their founding team. 

Fill out the quick application form here. We will confirm eligibility and follow up by email to schedule a discussion or answer questions.